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Invest in SAUNIA bonds with a yield of 7.5 % p.a.*

+ bonus for sauna

53 %

average year-on-year increase in traffic


branches in eight years

95 %

of customers would recommend us to their friends

2 mil.

have visited our branches already

About us

SAUNIA​, the number one sauna world in the Czech Republic, has launched the sale of a new issue of bonds, the yield of which should be used to open new branches.


“Interest in visiting saunas has been growing exponentially.

People perceive it as a counter-balance to the fast pace of life, as well as a way to boost the immune system and improve their health. That motivates us to cover this potential,” says the managing director of the company, Bohumil Píše.

SAUNIA, the fastest growing start-up in the area of wellness in the Czech Republic, has been maintaining this growing trend. The available supply of high quality sauna use in the Czech Republic has been far from covering the demand, and SAUNIA intends to take advantage of this potential. Its position in shopping centres makes it unique. It is expanding and enhancing the offer of so-called leisure concepts which are becoming increasingly popular. Its concept can improve the value of commercial real estate, e.g. through a roof extension, and, last but not least, it brings visitors to the shopping centres. Such a concept has no parallel in the world. There are currently plans to open branches in Austria and Germany, where taking a sauna is even more popular than in our country.

SAUNIA_Graf_AJ - navštěvnost.png
SAUNIA_Graf_AJ - tržby.png

In 2021, branches will be opened in Avion Ostrava and in Central Kladno. SAUNIA won a competitive tendering initiated by the Ministry of Finance CZ to operate a pool Thermal in Karlovy Vary, which will include a sauna world and fine dining restaurant. The branch has been opened in August 2021.

SAUNIA Thermal Resort Karlovy Vary

About sauna worlds

SAUNIA sauna worlds offer as many as six types of saunas, five ways of cooling down, top-quality natural materials, relaxation zones, terraces, bars with refreshment, an area of 520 – 1,600 m2. For more information, click here.

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Yield: 7.5 % p.a.

*Income subject to 15% withholding tax

Bonus for sauna on loyalty card


Minimum investment: CZK 50,000

Nominal value of the bond: CZK 10,000

Maturity: 4 years

Quarterly payment of yield

to your account

Issue volume: CZK 150,000,000

Form: Paper security to order

Approved by the CNB


Notice to investors:


By approving the Prospectus, the CNB only confirms that the Prospectus meets all the requirements set out in the legislation and cannot be construed as an endorsement of the Bonds.


Before making an investment decision, those interested in investing in the Bonds are advised to read the prospectus in detail to evaluate the returns and potential risks associated with an investment in the Bonds.

Why to invest in SAUNIA?


The fastest growing wellness start-up in the Czech Republic


A stable company with eleven branches


Previous issue liabilities were always met properly


You invest in branches, which you can see and visit


Bonus loaded

on the SAUNIA loyalty card

Who is behind that?

A member, founder, managing director and director general. He is responsible for the management of the company and the implementation of its business plans. He was one of the founders of the company Tutor, s.r.o., a leading language teaching provider on the market, later becoming the largest private education agency in the Czech Republic, the EDUA Group, where he had worked as a financial manager until 2013. The company was successfully sold at the beginning of 2016. Mr. Píše was also one of the founders of the company Invia.cz, a.s.


A member and financial investor. He was also one of the main founders and former shareholder of the biggest online holiday seller in Central Europe, Invia.cz, a. s., which was successfully sold to the Polish private equity house MCI Management, and is currently part of the Rockaway Capital group; Mr. Drozd was its director general until recently. He was also a member and chairman of the Supervisory Board of the EDUA Group and education companies College Holding, s.r.o. and CEDUK Holding, s.r.o.


A member and a manager responsible for the development of the network of branches.

Mr. Holeček worked in Invia, a.s. as an online campaign expert and is currently the owner of the media agency Forte Media, s.r.o


A member and financial investor.

A co-founder, the biggest member and director general of the EDUA Group until its successful sale at the beginning of 2016. He is currently a member and director general of College Holding, s.r.o. and CEDUK Holding, s.r.o., whose portfolio includes the largest private colleges in the Czech Republic.


References from investors


I’ve already invested in Saunia bonds in the past and, because the yield was paid regularly and in time to my account, I repeated the investment this year as well. I appreciate the stability of the Saunia company, the attractive interest p.a. and a sauna bonus in the form of free admission to sauna worlds.


During the purchase of bonds, I experienced a professional, willing and responsive attitude. I had never bought any bonds before, so I was pleased that everything was explained to me in a simple manner, and the buying process was very simple.


Actually, I bought the Saunia bonds by chance, after I had been attracted by a poster informing about the purchase in one of the branches. I think an investment where I can watch its practical use in the form of the growth and reconstruction of branches is awesome. So I mixed business with pleasure and I am happy about the attractive yield and visits to saunas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How has SAUNIA been affected by the corona-crisis?

SAUNIA sauna worlds had to be closed for a total of 292 days in 2020 and 2021. During this time, all of the branches were renovated and repaired. The construction of new branches has continued without interruption. The attendance during the opening reached a year-on-year increase of 50%.


Is the purchase of bonds connected with any fees?

No, it is not. As we do not use any intermediaries for the sale of bonds, we do not charge any additional fees.


Do I have to use a property account for the purchase of bonds?

No, you don’t. A property account is required for some issues of bonds, but within our issue you can use any account, which you normally use, for the receipt of yield.


How do you guarantee that I will not lose my investment?

Each investment entails a certain level of risk. In the area of bonds, the level of risk is reduced by not investing in something unknown. Our bonds are backed by a thriving company with 13 branches. The owners are experienced entrepreneurs with an extensive history, and the field of sauna use, in which they decided to undertake business, has big potential on the Czech market. All of these are factors that reduce the level of risk. Saunia, s.r.o. secures the issue of bonds with its total assets amounting to hundreds of millions of Czech crowns.

Is the yield subject to tax?

Yes, the yield is subject to a withholding tax. We will take care of the taxation for you, and we will send the yield to your account after the 15% tax.


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